Roar in the Rock Films is a production company that produces features, shorts, webseries and commercials. As of 2018, Roar has produced 3 short films, 1 feature film, a book trailer, and a web series. Roar has also collaborated with several production companies on writing projects in Little Rock, Atlanta and the DFW area.

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Current Projects!

How much living can you afford? This is the question that best friends Kayla, De'Ana, Christa, and Teresa are trying to figure out when Paul and Peter comes knocking at their door. 

Battle Line is Artivism (Art & Activism) through the use of poetry and film.  It is a way to get important messages in front of the eyes that need to see them, in a way that will make them look. It gives voice to the mothers, fathers, children, and law enforcement, who oftentimes do not have the ability to speak out on what the All Lives/Black Lives Matter Movement means to them.

Past Projects!

Unspoken Truth is a barefaced, tear-jerking glimpse of domestic abuse from a child's perspective. Every shot is intensely crafted to take you on a journey of how love, resentment, jealousy, and abuse can have a damaging effect on more than just the people directly involved.