Fragments of a Reflection!

Nothing is what it appears to be in the conflicted lives of five women who on the surface appear to have it all together.

Fragments of a Reflection is a collection of short stories and poetry that narrate the lives of five different women who appear to be beautiful, successful, and emotionally strong. The women, however, conscious of their internal truth, know they are nothing more than what the mirror says they are – a fragmented reflection.

The characters are all damaged in some way: a writer in search of the person she used to be; a woman who would kill to be loved; a mother grieving the death of her only child; a witness unable to stop a deadly assault; a prisoner who finds peace behind bars; and a father’s broken promise to his daughter.

Fragments of a Reflection is a book that is filled with emotion, pain, and anger. It draws us daringly into the lives of these five women and forces us to take a look at our very own fragmented reflection.

Fragments Book Trailer